How to Read Your Prescription

How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription

In order to complete your order and to make sure that your glasses are made correctly, follow this simple guide to read your prescription.

 Here are a few basics:

  1. All prescriptions will have your name and the date on them.  Make sure that…
    1. You are using your own prescription and,
    2. Make sure that your prescription is up to date - MUJOSH recommends a prescription be no more than 2 years old!
  2. All prescriptions are read from left to right, but they start always with the right eye.  Remember:
    1. OD means ‘right eye
    2. OS means ‘left eye

 MUJOSH needs the following information from your prescription to complete your glasses order:

  • Sphere Power (Sph)
  • Cylinder (Cyl)
  • Axis (X)
  • Pupillary Distance (PD)

The first three will be located on your prescription, however your PD may not be.  Your optometrist may be reluctant to give out that information.  Please see our PD guide for more information.

 If your prescription has numbers/words in the prism and/or ADD column, we will not be able to make your glasses for you at this time.

 Example Prescription:


 The prescription that you will order:

 Right Eye: +1.00 -0.75 x 12

Left Eye: -2.00 -1.00 x 180

Always remember to double check your prescription before completing your order!

You may find extra information on your glasses prescription such as suggested types of lens coatings and special comments from your optometrist.

  • Lens designs: Occasionally you’ll see a specific brand of lens written on the RX itself. This is most often a recommendation based on a brand the doctor’s office carries.
  • Vision enhancements: a special treatment for one or both lenses used to improve vision and clarity through your glasses. You could find different options such as:
    • Anti-Reflective Coating (AR): enhances clarity and concentration by allowing more light to come in and reduces reflection. Don’t worry, all MUJOSH lenses come with AR included!
    • Hi-Index: Your doctor may recommend a thinner lens based on your prescription.  This is called ‘Hi-Index’ and, don’t worry...MUJOSH uses a standard 1.60 Hi-Index lens as standard.
    • Polarized: improved glass technology designed to filter and reduce glare. Polarized glasses offer more clarity and a sharper vision to their wearers. You can get polarized lenses in a pair of MUJOSH sunglasses as an upgrade.
    • Bluelight Blocking Glasses: a special coating that protects your eyes from artificial light by reflecting blue lights that come from digital devices. See our page on MUJOSH Bluelight lenses for more information.

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